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August 04, 2007


Jane Ellen Smith

The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and details. I envy you your time in Alaska and alone with God.


I've enjoyed your trip as if I was there with you. Thank you so much for posting the truly inspiring pictures. I am glad you have returned safe to the lower US. It would be frosting on the cake if you were to publish a book that included your pictures and experiences.
'63 Super Cub, '41 J3
Bakerton, WV

Cris Alarcon


I have updated the story about Patricia Collins with your comments and picture. You will find this story on a community portal in here last hometown: https://www.placerville.info/flying_samaritan_patricia_collins_killed_in_crash-06-49-07-31-2007.html

Thank you for sharing. Cris.


Hi Shaun,
I am going to miss the pictures!! I do hope that there is a book of photos AND your comments also.
Very sad about Patricia Collins, and Elizabeth Smith!! It sounds like they were remarkable ladies a did a lot of good while they were here.


roger preston

Have a share in a Cub in the UK so can appreciate some of what you experienced. Like the fat tyres - how did the tailwheel cope?
fantastic photos - which colour space do you use?

roger preston

Have a share in a Cub in the UK so can understand some of your flying experiences. Seems your fat tyres coped very well but what about the tail wheel?
Also, very impressed with the photos - far better than I've managed from the Cub. The colours are very vivid - what colour space do you use?


Dear Mr. Lunt--

Stunning, from end to end. Bravo!



Stunning scenery and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


Mr. Lunt -

Incredible trip and photos. Very sad note on Ms. Collins and Ms. Smith. Tell your buddy in the Cirrus you'll race him for pink slips if you get to chose the landing spot.


Jeremy Pratt

Hey Shaun
My wife and half of the pilots in my company LOVED the pictures you shot while up there. If a book becomes available I would stand in line to get one. Thanks for the all the amazing photos.

c-208 Captain

Don Duke

Magnificent!!!!! These wonder shots do not exceed your generosity in sharing them with all. In '92 my wife and I left our C.Skylane at home and drove the "Alcan Hwy" pulling a "bug" with a minnie w-bago. Drove all roads to Valdez, Soldatna, Homer, Denali, Fairbanks and "Top of the World Hwy". Most interesting was Dempster Hwy. through Brooks Range to Inuvik,NW Territories. Then we flew to Tuktoyaktuk on the Artic Ocean. Brooks Mts. just as they were ages ago as snow too insignifant to produce glaciers. Thank you so much for many fond memories.
Don Duke


Hi !
your pics are very very nice, your "travel expedition" is fun... unbelieaveble


Joy Dutta

Way to go, Shaun !!! This is an incredible blog of an incredible journey. Envy you all the way. I am a long distance motorcyclist so I know how to appreciate (and be jealous of) this kind of expedition. This is motorcycling to the power n.

Keep flying and posting pictures. Fly safe.


Nice blog man, some amazing photos. Would love to do that someday. Keep the blue side up.


Tony Hunt

What a wonderful journey you shared with us. Godspeed Shaun. 6 Jun 08.


a friend

His pictures are beautiful, but Shaun was the true masterpiece. A great guy with a giving heart. I'm totally broken. You will be missed. Thoughts and Prayers for his family and friends.

Ron E. Trees

Shaun was my nephew. We both share a love for photography. I enjoyed his pictures here as much as all of you. I looked at them over and over. Shaun was one of the nicest men I have had the privilege of knowing. He was genuine all the way! Shaun, I am going to miss you!! I will see you again someday and I am greatly looking forward to it!!!!


Darin D. Douglass

Shaun was very close to me, second only to my own brother. I am so glad that he was able to affect so many lives of those he knew, and those he did not know. He was truly one of a kind. Shaun your deeply missed, but not forever.



How Terrible. R.I.P. Sean.

Becky Cox

Shaun was an amazing person and a true friend. He definitely was one to live life to the fullest and let me in on some of the fun from waterskiing, animal crackers and home made ice-cream, car racing, and flying with him. He will be greatly missed. I look forward to the time we can live out our dream of having side-by-side cabins on the lake with our pal Jeremy in heaven.

Amanda Munk

I knew Shaun through the medical community in Loma Linda. I was a third and fourth year medical student during the time that I worked with him at the VA hospital. He was always kind and compassionate with patients and with staff. He was excellent at his work, and a good leader and teacher with resident physicians. To his family: my deepest condolences for your loss. Shaun was a very unique and talented person, with a clear love for beauty and God's creation.

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