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July 14, 2007


Jeremy Pratt

Wonderful Stuff Shaun!!!
A co-worker sent me a link to your page and I have been in awe of your pictures since. Not only is the photography absolutely top notch but the flying looks like something out of a dream. I fly a caravan for a company out of Boston and consider it a cool job but when I compare my landing on a 2400 foot strip to your landings on a sand bar...... well lets just say you win the cool points for sure. I am flying up to Nova Scotia today and because of your inspiring blog I am bringing my camera. My photos will suck in comparison but I will try at least. Have fun flying and I can't wait to see the next post.


Wow...... I'm speechless!


Hey Shaun, this is one summer you are never going to forget. Thanks again for sharing some of it with us. Your pics are awesome as always!!


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