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July 25, 2007


James Christianson

holy crap! these photos are amazing! are you going to make a book out of this adventure? i'm buying it if you do...as i'm sure all the visitors to this blog would! ; ) AMAZING STUFF!

Heather Wells

Shaun...Jason just sent me your blog site info...spent the last half hour viewing it. Your looking like quite the mountain man...in a sexy way of coarse! :) The pictures are really amazing!!! I'd say you're having quite the adventures up there. I agree with Jim..I'd buy the book too! Just wanted to say "Hi"! Heather


Hey Shaun, I'd buy the book also!! More great picture!! Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.


Stefan Maus

My god - why didn't I find your blog earlier? Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks very much and happy landings!


Caren Cumbo

WOW!! What an amazing trip!! The pictures you took and the descriptions you give to them draw a person in. Look forward to your next one, may be interested in the book if you put one together. Safe Travels, Caren (Friend of the Hennebergs and Stanwick Sisters)

Marco Dalla Palma

WOW !!! These are the best photos that I've never seen. Thank you for sharing them with us "poors men in our grays cities". I'll be very happy if you will upload more photos of yours greats trips ;) Even with a link for full-screen size :D

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.

Unnur Eir

So magnificent photos. Awsome capture, every single one of them.
Regards Unnur from Iceland


Absolutely fabulous.

Nothing like a good PB & J when you are out amongst God and the Grizzlies.


Your photos are beautiful!!!


Wow. Bob/bubba pointed me this direction, and your pictures took my breath away. Enjoyed the brief commentary, as well. Very grateful I got a glimpse of the amazing world you captured.

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