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June 01, 2007



Thats an awesome trip you just took but I guess you already know that eh!
Thanks for sharing that with us. One question, what camera do you have? Those photos are so clear youd swear you were there.

Christina Young

I'm really enjoying your pictures! In this installment, it looks like you did part of the trip I did last summer (in a 2-ship accompanied by Crash). Like you, I was also unable to get to the north slope because of bad weather. The furthest I got was Anaktuvuk Pass as well. Unfortunately for me, Bettles was some of the worst weather along the trip -- was holed up there for a few days, very atypical as you point out about Bettles' usual great weather!

Did you get a chance to fly through the Arrigetch? How about visit the Great Kobuk Dunes? Hopefully you did!

Your Serpentine pics bring back memories -- I also stayed there, what a great place, eh?!

Looks like you also stayed at Topkok... did you use the musher's cabin there?

Cheers Christina Young

P.S. Say hi to Jay Baldwin for me back in Palmer!


In picture https://shaunlunt.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/06/01/img_568516.jpg there are visible footprints but no tracks in the sand from the wheels of the plane. Where did they go?

Adam Webster

I have a deep desire to use your photos on https://www.adamwebster.com as part of the marketing lecturing that I do with my flock of air taxis in the lower 48. Do you mind if I use your photos and give you full credit / link backs, etc.?
Please let me know..

For my info: Are you a "Wheel landing guy.. or a Three Point Guy?"


Terry Phillips


Thank you for sharing these terrific photos. You have rekindled my desire to fly through Canada to Alaska--just as soon as I finish building my plane (Zenith 601XL).


Howard J Curtis

I came across your blog recently and I am simply blown away by the superb photography. Your text is both informative & fascinating and does nothing but add to the overall appeal of the blog. You have left a few of us very envious at the life you lead!

I write for a UK aviation magazine so I type this having just given your site a mention in an article I'm putting together for our September 2007 issue. To my mind spreading the word about this superb Internet site is the least I can do, not least because it does so much to explain how some of us get passionate about aviation!


A friend sent your photo's to share, his dream to visit Alaska, I have lived here in Alaska for 30 years. Wonderful!!! Photos. Just to travel to Alaska is many's life dream, but to travel as you have is phenomenal.

I do need to make a correction on your image #54467. You caption reads that you are 30 mile south of Nome on the Seward Peninsula. The SP is found in the Seward/ Homer area in the Gulf of Alaska . 30 miles south of Nome you would be in the Norton Sound.

Thank you for the superb photos

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