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May 03, 2007



Great pics Shaun. Keep them coming. What fun. Wish I could be there also.
we are three CUB-Friends in Germany.....All the best and Greatings

Mark Johnson

Totally lost in the beauty that you captured during your hop skip and jump trip.
You must have nerves of steel and a great camera with an eye for the majestic.

Michel Verheughe

Sir, I fly a taildragger Kitfox in Norway and I thought I was the luckiest man on the earth ... until I saw your photos! ... I am speechless! What a beauty, what an experience! Thank you so much for sharing.
Michel Verheughe


Amazing pictures !

If you ever publish a book - I'll be the first one to buy it !

Did you consider posting some of your photos on ?

All the best !



Far out


Hi Shaun, it indeed does appear that you're becoming famous in the internet world, as I received your link here in So. California through a co-worker. Living in the bustling, "cement jungle" that I do, it certainly is a treat to see there are parts of our great nation that are still untouched by civilization and have kept their undefiled beauty intact. I'm not big on snow but I certainly love looking at it through the eyes of your camera. The sunsets you photographed are stunning. I can only imagine what they must have looked like in person. Thanks for sharing the experience so we could live vicariously through your lens and journalistic prose. God bless, Paula, Lake Forest, CA

Mary Johnson

Wow.... What beautiful pictures. I love flying and a friend of mine has a Super cub. I would love to do what you did, but at my age, over 60 thats close enough to my age LOL I don't think I could handle sleeping in tents any more. Sure wish I could have done this kind of trip when I was younger. I enjoyed your trip and I am sure you will want to do it again. I would if I were you. Thanks for sharing your pictures and story. Mary Johnson


Hi Shaun,

I just passed by your blog (redirected from a flight sim site), I just can't find any word to describe my feelings when looking at your gorgeous pictures.

You take us into a "Magical Mystery Tour" in what is probably among the nicest places in the world on board what is probably the most amazing plane ever built.

No words to describe it (even in French)

So, receive an ENORMOUS thanks from accross the ocean.

People having the talent of making the others dream are not so many nowadays...

If you ever make a book (even electronic), you can count me among the subscribers.

Many thanks again and keep up with the trade, I want to keep on dreaming!

Best regards


PS: The only thing I would have like to find on your site is a little map to show the way you followed.

Bill Phifer

Super Cub, Super Pilot, Super Photographer. Thank you very much for making your terrific story and photographs available.

Lorne Wallis

Shawn: What a wonderful site. I am presently in the planning stages of " Flying the North " this time in my recently purchased 1947 Luscombe 8E equipped with a Cont 85 hp. It has been refurbished and is a dream to fly. I bought it specifically for my own Northern Adventure. It seems strange to be flying a plane as old as I am but then again it is proven warrior too. First off, I need to know what kind of camera you were using. Those pictures were awesome. Secondly, I was just wondering if I could get an email address, that I might correspond with you regarding some helpful hints, places to visit and things to avoid etc. I am a retired commerical pilot, Multi, IFR trained b ut did a lot survey flying, which took me up North in the first place. I flew a Caravan out of Yellowkife, in the NWT and got to Whitehorse for a few weeks and just loved the north. This adventure is or has to be VFR only so any advice would be appreciated. I thankyou in advance.

Lorne C-GFLW

john graham


I think I use to own your airplane. It was an Italian military L-21. I sold it to Cub Crafters in Oct 1999.

They sold it to a guy in Colorado. It was crashed upon arrival there. C.C. bought it back and converted it to 180hp.

That is where I lost track of it, until now. There is a picture of it on my "myspace" page at:

tail winds to you,


ur so fat and ugly wit ur planes tube tires that are ment to go down a fucking river .....DUMB shit


Absolutely stunning pics ! Thanks for the "brain break".


Your photos are will be missed sadly :(

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