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May 03, 2007



Shaun, Nice National Geographic pics. Glad to hear your still with us!! Looks like your having a blast. I'm soooooo jealous, however it looks just a tad bit cool where you are. Make sure those bags that you stuck in the back of that Super Cub don't ruin my seat ok. Enjoy yourself and be safe.


Donald Lunt

Great pics Shaun. Keep them coming. What fun. Wish I could be there also. Uncle Don

B. P. Matos

Simply stunning!

What gorgeous country and photography!

Susan Ball

My cousin Mike Moran sent this to me........I am ssssooooooooo impressed w your photography!!!!!!! Your adventures look great & remind me of the last 23 yrs w my pilot husband & why we LOVE & LIVE in ALASKA. I am excited to send this on to friends as you have definately, captured our magnificent bush greatland with superlative pictures. Thanks for sharing. Susan Ball


Your fine photos and short essays bring back fond memories. Goodonya for sharing your experience with others. Keep it safe.


I took the liberty of posting your Blog on the site. We all love to see and read about your Super Cub trip to and around Alaska. Please be safe and keep the pics and commentary coming.
Thank you...
ps. I note that picture groupings do not have a Title-Link in "Subscribe to this blogs feed" link. I use this to avoid downloads of all photos if only want to view your latest. Hope that's clear! Thanks again for sharing.


The above comment is from Jim not Shaun, sorry...


Have you been to Togiak? My dad sent this to me since I'm getting ready to move there, and I was wondering what the scenery was like.
Beautiful pictures; Alaska seems incredible.

Willy and Rina

Hi Shaun,
John and Ursula from Simi Valley forwarded your wonderful reportage to us.
We enjoyed your pictures and comments very much.
This time you have made it across the Atlantic !
Greetings from Willy and Rina ( Belgium - Europe )

Dick Fraser

You pictures are great lots of detail and great focus. I have only one problem with them as they are way to large in size. I am not sure you want them that large because it really would load faster on computers that are not fast it took me half an hour to 45 minutes to get most of the pictures into my computer. My Computer It's not that new at 996mhz and only 32 megs of video ram. You web site is worth the long download for me anyway. I can feel the COLD just by looking at your pictures, "Fabulous Pictures" and comments anyway even it takes me so long to load it. Great job Shaun.
I am in Medford, Oregon.

Dick Fraser

Bob Cannon

Fantastic photography! Thanks for sharing.

Bob Cannon

Fantastic Photos! Thanks for sharing.


I received this link in an email. I dont know you, or any of the above. I live on the east coast. Maybe you are becoming cyberfamous. Wow, I enjoyed this photo show, I had no idea Alaska was so amazing. Thanks for sharing, great job, P.S. God be with ,and be careful


WOW...makes me feel young again...Thank you for posting your blog!

Jane Herzner


Friend sent these to us. We leave one week from today for our third "Let's Fly Alaska" trip. So many of your pictures brought back all the previous sights we had seen in God's canvas. You are very brave having started out alone and for so many days.

We fly a V35 B , V-tail Bonanza. This time we are trying to finally fly the southern coast along the inland passage. Heve twice been backtracked because of weather hope the 3rd time is the charm.

Where do you go next? Could we be put on your picture list?
Thanks and GodSpeed.

Jon Trapp

Those are great photos. I use a Supercub to track wolves in Montana. Unfortunately, my agency makes me use a pilot. He's a great guy, but because I have my pilots license, I'd rather do the flying. I've got a great shot of our Supercub with the Beartooth Mountains in the background. Let me know if you want to see it. I can share some of the pics I've taken of the wolves also.
Safe travels,

Ron Trees

Hey Shaun, I followed the link from to this. It looks like you are having a great time. Man, you have some awesome pictures on here. Great job. The ones about God's paintbrush are phenomenal!! Hope you have a great summer, although it looks like there is little doubt of that. I may be nuts, but is the town of Talkeetna in the movie "Snow Dogs"? It sounds familiar. Although this is going to take forever to load at home, I have to show Ter and the girls your pictures! They will really enjoy them.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.

Take care, Ron


Thankyou.Very stunning pictures.Hope to head my cub north to alaska someday.Godspeed.

Brenda Cook, Blair's cousin

My daughter has friends in Alaska, and she tells me it is a whole different world. These pictures are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I was just reading how the global warming is affecting the polar bears and the grizzlies. How sad. We need to preserve this beautiful land! Being a pilot must awesome. I cannot imagine a more exciting career. Flying around in some "lost" area such as this, the peacefulness, the beauty. It really must be heaven on earth!


Your pictures are fantastic. My wife and I drove the ALCAN last summer (06) and your pictures brought back some great memories.
I was stationed in Alaska in the early 1964-65 flying the F-106 and I flew all over Alaska so your pic brought back old times. I also flew the L-19 in Vietnam, so I can appreciate the short field work you did.EXCELLENT!
Thanks again for the excellent pictures and comentary

Denise Hetzel

I absolutely loved the pics. that you have posted so far. This must be how some of the first views of the New World looked. It makes you feel free and unrushed like our everyday life. You are privlaged to be able to see this first hand and experience the sounds of nature untanted completely by people and industry. I hope that soon I will be able to take a simulare journey. Thanks for all the wonderfull and breath taking views.

Dave and Bieke

Great adventure! If you have the time, fly down the Alaska Peninsula range to Aniakchak Crater. Lots of nice spots to land along the way, (plenty Mr. Grizz too!!) Up the west side to King Salmon, stop in at Branch River Air and say Hi to Van, Bud and Marco for us. Safe travels! X-Beaver float driver.

Victor Delta

Not often that I comment on such things.
However your wonderfully chronicaled adventure brought back fond memories of flying the bush for fun and profit and all of the thrill that came along with those days. From the 737's into the mining strip to the Lama supporting the building of the pipline along with a few other fixed and rotary wing types thrown in for good measure as well. From Juneau to Prudhoe and Whitehorse to Kotzebue it was all one hell of a good time.....although sometimes a bit heart stopping! The way flying was supposed to be and evoking emotions only life long pilots can understand!
Thank you for taking the time to share and congatulations on a job well done in putting it together so well that we could feel your thrill of flying.
Tango Tango 13.....for those that remember and came back.


This is such a great online photo album, I'm very impressed. Thanks for taking the time to share with those of us who are going to have to wait a long while to even think about making a trip out there. Good luck and stay safe!

Moon Mullen

Great site. I really don't know how anyone can view your site and not want to visit Alaska. Keep up the good work. When is the Discovery Channel going to do a story on you and your friends. Would make a great series.

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