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May 24, 2007



Po says you're too damn white, put the shirt back on! I think I need to call in sick for sick for a week or two. Now how many fuel stops in the Cirrus to get to Anchorage... :)

Sam Sellars

If you get by Nondalton on six mile lake near Iliamna, go by Newhalen Lodge and see Bill Simms. He's done a little bush flying. I had the good fortune to work for him one summer. You'd enjoy visiting with him and seeing his collection of bush planes.

Nice work on the blog!

Tom Frazer

Fantastic photos and great commentary. Thanks for taking the time to put the blog together.
Best wishes from Santa Rosa,
Tom Frazer
SportCub #33

Roy Thompson

Terrific blog and amazing pictures. I have flown two trips to Alaska and miss it. Have to get back.


Great shots! Last night, Kiff and I were talking about your travels up north and it got me wondering how it's going. Looks like you're managing to get some awesome experiences up there. Your pictures are amazing. You still traveling, or did work finally catch up?

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