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May 17, 2007


Robert J Tracy

Outstanding,and I thought my 7 day cruise to Alaska was great. I am envious of you for all the opportunities you have. Continual to enjoy.


Joe Craig


What an INSPIRATION! Thanks for sharing so much of what we all dream about!
Take care and godspeed.



WOW!! I thought the 39 days in AK with a PA-12 was fantastic but this takes the cake!!!!

Noam Sheffer

Done something similar to that at 1999 with a 45h of total flight time and fresh private ‎pilot license. Stayed in Alaska almost a year and ended up with almost 300h of flight ‎Instruments rating and Commotional licenses and wanting to return every year since that.‎

My bad is that all pictures I took was on film and I still haven’t had the time to scan them to ‎digital representation.‎


I took an Alaskan cruise this year and I "got bit by the bug". You caught it and took full possession, bravo.


I took an Alaskan cruise this year and I "got bit by the bug". You caught it and took full possession, bravo.

Ken Sampson

Brings back wonderful memories. I flew UH-1s, but mostly CH-47s in AK for the Army. I was on the High Altitude Rescue Team (HART) where we trained and rescued climbers from "The Great One". What a beautiful photo journal you have made. My wife and I have got to get back up there.

Ken Sampson

Brings back wonderful memories. I flew UH-1s, but mostly CH-47s in AK for the Army. I was on the High Altitude Rescue Team (HART) where we trained and rescued climbers from "The Great One". What a beautiful photo journal you have made. My wife and I have got to get back up there.

Jerry Hunsinger

Fabulous PICS! I haven't been to Alaska since I flew B707's through there with ammo for Nam. I didn't get to see anything like what you have shared with us.


What a beautiful trip you had! I am a former pilot and aircraft owner (Cessna 182's) I would have love to do that trip with you in your Super Cub. Thank you for sharing some God's most beautiful creations with us

tracy Montee

brought back memoties of some of our trip to some of the places in your travels.


Only one word describes your trip and your photos.....STUNNING!

Stan Kern

Fantastic shots to say the least. "Thank you" seems quite insufficient considering the risk and expense involved. I lived in Fairbanks from July '91 to late '93. I learned the best way to see AK was by air, but never had much chance. I'd like to know what criteria bush pilots use in determining their preference of wheels opposed to pontoons. Most bush pilots I saw in Anchorage were using pontoons. During my stay, a well known bush pilot had landed in a stream bed in the back country and was shot at with a high powered rifle. I'd like to know if you ever landed in unfriendly territory. I was told war stories of those who travelled into some northern camps uninvited, and didn't come out. Pilots, I know, are held in higher regard than nosey outsiders. I'm assuming you were out of radio contact in those remote areas. Did you ever have engine failure? I'm curious about the bulge under the SuperCub - for cargo or fuel? You guys must know your planes. Amazing. I was surprised you didn't photo any moose or caribou. Again, thank you for the views I didn't see. Sure brought back the memory of my feelings being up there.



Chris Harrison

Superb account of one of the most natural landscapes I've ever seen - will look for your visually stunning accounts of future trips. Do you have any planned?...You are obviously a very talented pilot for going into those places. Well done, fly safe.

E. Maloney

Gorgeous pictures of Alaska.......so many are 'other-worldly' they are so exotic and beautiful. My son, Chris, has lived in the Homer/Anchor Point area for 12 years and loves it there. Travels ALL over the state on his BMW motorcycle, visiting many of the places in your photos. Thank you for sharing your photographs with all of us. Makes me want to fly beside you in the plane next trip you make! Be careful, and stay safe.....and well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henk - Netherlands

landed here thru a aviation portal (one of the best in the world I might add - www.atcbox.com) and I can't get over the beauty of the pictures on your blog. Incredible!! Keep 'm coming.

take care,

Randle Howell

i fly Powered Paragliders and enjoy the sites more than the flying sometimes....i seems you do too :-)

Gera Godoy

Great treat!!!! thank you for the trip. Enjoyed every picture and really loved your Cub. I am here in Panama and we have a lot of wild places but they are Jungle!!!!...I had a Piper Cherokee and did some bush piloting around jungle rivers and lakes so I can appreciate the fun you had. Did you ever get lost?, I did once or twice but after a few minutes (which seemed like hours) found my way :) :)

I do all my bush piloting now in my Flight Sim...



Wow, wow, wow. What a special gift you've given, Shaun, to so many persons not even known to you.

I had no idea that it was even feasible to do what you did, without it being your job as mailman or something.

Alaska seems to be "in" now, with the Ice Road Truckers special on the History Channel and all. Like everyone involved in that production, you have shared with us a taste of the beauty you got to experience without our having to do the planning, practice the flying and the camp-making, spend the money, and brave both the elements and all God's annoying or carniverous critters, that you had to do. ** Thank you. **

You just might have provided the inspiration I've been needing to post my pictures of Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, where I'm working Sept-Nov 2007. Nothing like Alaska, but unique and beautiful in its own way ... and perhaps my way of paying it forward.



Thank you for that very infomative 1hr and 30 mins of pure pleasure reading and looking at all your picks,you have taken me to places I will never see so thank you again,and I hope you will carry on doing what you do best,so keep up the good work then we can see more of your work,so take care and fly safe,all the best Bert Haile Lincolnshire Great Briton UK.

Chip Porter

What a blast. I could almost smell the air in some of the images. I just picked up a 40D. Might help you with the dust spots. It seems you do a lot of traveling in the spring before the bugs go wild, I do the same here in Southeast. Check out my site www.chipporteralaska.com (many aerial images) and let me know when your book comes out :^)

Gilbert Newcomb

Have flown to Alaska from the San Francisco area via coastal and inland routes then through Fairbanks and on to Galena, aproximately 250 miles westward, and the various villages in the Galena area. My in-laws, Dominic and Ella Vernetti, were traders at Koyukuk for many years spanning the period from the 1930s into the 1970s. My wife and I visit the area because we love the people and the Yukon/Koyukuk rivers area.

I know Alaska from the perspective of someone who has flown throughout the interior of Alaska as well as to many of the places you chronicle. I sincerely appreciate all the beauty, wonder and magnificence you have captured in your photos and chronicles.

Three cheers to a job well done. Seeing your photos brings back wonderful memories of places and scenes I have seen in my past Alaska flight hours. Best wishes for many more enjoyable flight hours where ever they may take you.


That's amazing - thanks for letting us live vicariously through your travel. I love Alaska and learned how to fly from my dad in a Cub - some day I'll have one...and now I know what to do with it. Safe flying all -

Ole Peloso

What a fantastic trip and so beautifully documented. I regret that is was not me who had the adventure.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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