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May 16, 2007


Mike Herron

sean ... these photos are amazing! have you ever thought of submitting them to a photo magazine? or a gallery? hard to believe they are all point and shoots! just goes to show, if you can get to the picture all the gear in the world doesn't matter ...

got to this site thru a friend, jim ferguson ... his wife mary is a cousin of your wife (i think) ...

also, there is an author, lives in wales, named jasper fforde ... read 'the eyre affair' and his others ... great laughs and imagination ... but he is also a pilot and has posted photos on his website: www.jasperfforde.com

they are mostly of wales and england, but i think he and his wife mari would love to see your work ...

keep at it ... it's great stuff!



Great photos - thanks for sharing with folks you will probably never know.

Jennifer Douglass

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for stopping in to visit us. We checked out your pictures last night -they are amazing. I showed them to a co-worker today, and he said that they are worthy of National Geographic. I agree!

We'll look forward to following your future wanderings...


Byrna Botimer

Shaun: WOW - such beauty. Thanks for sharing your Mom with me recently. I can fully understand how much she enjoyed her trips into the Alaska Bush with you. You have many pictures that are truly worthy of printing and publishing. Hope that you can return and enjoy Alaska some more. I love it here and feel blessed to see the beauty as I do from the roads and the few flights that I have been able to take. God bless. Hurry back to Alaska. Byrna

Nena Campbell

Hi Shaun

My name is Nena and I live in New Zealand. I was sent your pictures of Alaska by my sister who lives in Florida. I was born in Anchorage, lived in Kenai and down the line before emigrating to Australia in 1964 with my family (I was 8 at the time). I have lived in NZ since 1972 having raised a family of my own etc. I just loved your pictures - it really took me back and reminded me of how beautiful it really is. What do you do for a living - fly or do you have another type of job. I have forwarded this link to my Dad who lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Dianne and I am sure he will love to see these. Take care in those skies - look forward to more photos in the future. Kind regards. Nena

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